Change for Good !!

Finally ! I will continue with skins but have shifted completely to a new level.

From now on check out for survivalcraft skins on a brand new site!!!

Requested skins can be found Β on !!!

It will keep my mind steady and i will keep posting new skins and your requested ones!!




First set of requested skins DONE !!

I just completed the first set of requested skins and will be releasing them soon enough. Keep your seat belts tight πŸ˜€

Jourdan Co
Zach Smith
James acree
Donald N. Snipes

I am back !!!

I was a lot busy in my real life, I am in college, I live in a shared room Hostel, I have got my own laptop and I am busy with Coding and stuffs. I was missing a lot of this Blog so i planned of continuing it from now on but updates will be less.

I hope you guys cooperate. I have seen quite a lot requests have stacked up but i would be taking a lot of time to complete all the requests so please be Patient

NOTE: Updates will be less frequent but updates will be coming πŸ˜€



AT LAST !! I am ready to release the Basic Version of Avengers Skins Pack (they are still missing Agent Coulson and Maria Hill which will be updated in the later versions)

It contains Seven Skins (along with Links)

1.Iron Man

2.Captain America



5.Hawk Eye

6.Black Widow

Link to whole Zip package—> AVENGERS SKINS PACK (.RAR)


Any Suggestions or Thoughts are always welcome …..

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I am Alive

Recently I have been busy a lot n couldn’t post. So soon i will be posting again frequently .

I was carrying on my other Hobby i.e. Music Production (kind of)

You can check out here at Rickn Facebook Page

Sorry !! I have seen stats … well quite a lot are visiting daily . I will surely start posting back soon as possible